Custom Made Guitar Speaker Cabinets are handcrafted in Massachusetts built to your specifications or you can buy from existing inventory.


Badass sound quality and build quality are like no other! They are made from 13 ply 18mm premium Baltic Birch dense and durable the best acoustic audio once you hear the impressive clarity you will know my cabinets are Badass.


*Unloaded **finished cabinet 1×12 *** ****Unloaded unfinished(20″x16.5″x12″) 

*Unloaded **finished cabinet 2×12  *** ****Unloaded unfinished (30″x17.5″x14″) 

*Unloaded **finished cabinet 4×12  *** ****Unloaded unfinished (30″x30″x14″) 

* Unloaded finished cabinets do not include speakers. 

**The items included in unloaded finished cabinets are determined by Badass Guitar Speaker Cabinets depending on market prices shipping and handling charges and availability. The followings are included in finished cabinets: **Tolex material or **Natural stain finish, **top handles on the 1×12 and 2×12, **side handles on the 2×12 and 4×12, **rubber feet, **grill cloth, **corner protectors, **jack, **single jack plate, **wiring and mounting hardware, **closed back or **open back.

*** Additional charges apply to items not included in unloaded finished cabinets or market prices not controlled by Badass Guitar Speaker Cabinets

 **** Unloaded unfinished cabinet consists of an unfinished unloaded cabinet with an unfinished back panel, an unfinished front baffle with cutout / cutouts with tee nuts, one single jack plate and one single 1/4″ jack and wire harness, does not include any of the following: tolex, wood finish, grill cloth, speaker grill, handles, feet, casters, corner protectors. speakers



Badass Guitar Speaker Cabinets can be played and are on display at The Axe Palace

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